Slip Ring for Agricultural Machines

Just like the case for engineering machines, many agricultural machines need slip rings as component to enable rotating electricity conduction. Compared with engineering machines, agriculture machines suffer even harsher operating environment. Aside from dust disturbance, these machines have to handle other external elements like mud and water splashing. In order to cope with the demanding environment, JINPAT comes forth with its high protection grade slip rings. Both the engineering machine slip ring and agricultural slip ring have a relatively high protection level.

JINPAT Electronics is a leading enterprise in manufacturing engineering machine rotary joints in China. JINPAT Electronics owns many key techniques and core patents in the field, together with its great technology power, is now transferring its advantages in engineering machine slip rings to developing agricultural machine slip rings. And since most of the agricultural machines are special type of vehicles, the slip rings for these machines tend to adopt FLR-B automobile wires. Besides, to meet the quick plug-in standards raised by various automobile industries, JINPAT Electronics Agricultural Slip Rings adopt special automotive connectors.

Slip ring

Take JINPAT Agricultural Machine Slip Ring LPT012-0610 for example, the rotary joint adopts not only automobile wires but also the Deutsch connectors exclusively for vehicles. DT04-6P is chosen for the rotor-side connector while DT06-6S is chosen for the stator-side. To ensure no wire loosening occurs during the long term operation and to reach a certain vibration resistance standard, all the connectors of the slip ring adopt suitable locks.

Aside from excellent vibration resistance, a relatively high protection grade is also one of the key traits of JINPAT Agricultural Machine Slip Rings. The protection grading of LPT012-0610 slip ring is relatively high, reaching up to IP65, but it demands the stator of the slip ring be mounted above the rotor. Slip ring in this protection grades is immune to external objects and dust invasion, also able to shield itself from low pressure water spray in a short period effectively. This agricultural machine slip ring has a through hole with a 12.7mm diameter while keeping a very compact size overall whose diameter is 56mm and height 48mm. What’s more, the model embraces traits like lightness, high protection grade and excellent electrical performance.

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