Slip Ring in LCD Panel Production Equipment

In a highly automated panel production plant, a wide range of advanced electromechanical devices are installed, and there are different solutions for the 360°rotation of these devices. For example, for panel inspection equipment, JINPAT has developed several types of machine vision special slip rings; for industrial robots, JINPAT also provides special slip rings for electrical fluid or electrical signals; On-site monitoring and monitoring equipment on the production line, JINPAT also has a corresponding HD signal slip ring solutions.


LPT050-0415-0406-04S is specially designed for customers. Among the 12 channels, 8 are current channels and 4 are signal channels. 4 of the current channels can transmit 1 current, and 4 channels can transmit 6A current. The slip ring operates at 24V and can transmit 1536W. Due to the special installation environment, JINPAT has integrated a support column in its interior, so its length has reached a relatively exaggerated 460mm, while the ordinary 50mm through-hole slip ring is only 87.8mm in length.


LPT050-0415-0406-04S wire is made of special LPAA wire to adapt to the mechanical environment in the harsh working environment. In order to pursue the electrical performance, JINPAT through-hole slip rings generally use precious metal contacts such as gold and gold.

Slip Ring

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