USB3.0 Slip Ring


The slip ring usually includes  power ring, signal ring, network ring, and USB signal ring. In many electromechanical systems, is required slip ring to transfer USB signals from one fixed platform to the rotator platform. We called this USB. Signal slip ring.

The USB 3.0 slip ring is combined by the USB 3.0 cable and the slip ring , so the attenuation of the signal includes both the cable and the slip ring. Slip ring designers need to meet the USB 2.0 signal transmission performance parameters through impedance matching, control crosstalk, and reduced insertion loss.

With the increasing demand for USB signals from precision electromechanical equipment, recently, Jinpat has independently developed a USB 3.0 signal slip ring LPC-24A-U3 with a temperature resistance of 120 °C in the standard 6-ways slip ring. The slip ring integrates 1 channel USB 3.0, and the working temperature from -60°C~+120°C.

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